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陽炎 - Kagerou - Dragonfly
07 October 2007 @ 09:26 am
I have a song to pimp out, because for the last few days I haven't been able to get it out of my head. Also haven't wanted to listen to much else besides it, the band who does the song, and some Alice Nine. But A9 is beside the point. XD LISTEN to the song on Putfile (streaming) but if you like it, you can download it here.

Click here to listen to 'Gallows Bell' by Viored

Listen. Be awesome. Love it. >3
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陽炎 - Kagerou - Dragonfly

*_* SID - Mitsuyubi *in love*
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陽炎 - Kagerou - Dragonfly
20 September 2007 @ 04:54 am
So like, I saw the Seigaku dolls on tenipuri, and so I decided to do Shitenhouji dolls! Some are better than others, but look and laugh at them with me. :D

Shitenhouji under here yoCollapse )

Maybe when I'm bored again, I'll do Rikkai XD but not until then, because I'm spent.
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陽炎 - Kagerou - Dragonfly
01 September 2007 @ 11:27 am
I was talking to Ann about needing a new bookmark earlier, and asked her which Marui bromide she liked the most, and then the thought struck me. I wanted a Shiraishi and Marui bookmark. BAD.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

That's what I came up with. Anyone who's ever seen the bromides first hand will know that I had to do a LOT of editing. And if you haven't... Marui and Jirou bromide and the Shiraishi and Kintarou bromide. Yep. Lots of editing. *_* and it was fun! Though it took me two runs of the Hilary Duff - Dignity cd. What?! XD I needed something mindless and dancy.
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22 August 2007 @ 04:11 am
*cough* Forgive the bout of emo earlier >>; I was smacked upside the head by something is all. ^^; Anyway!

YU YU HAKUSHO HAS THE BEST ABRIDGED SERIES EVER! I went surfing on TV Links, and found it in the anime section. Its the funniest shit ever. He does like, all the voices in this series. Its random clips from episodes and him just being a funny asshole. Here! I demand people watch this guy's stuff just to laugh. *_*

Yusuke: And here I am, dead as a doornail. 9_9
Botan: Bingo~
Yusuke: What the?! Who the hell are you?!"
Botan: My names Botan, pilot of the river styx, at your service! ^_^
Yusuke: ...Ok and why are you here?
Botan: I'm here to give you a second chance at life! *_*
Yusuke: And I'd want this... why? o_O
Botan: Because people need you. Just go to your wake and see.
Yusuke: Wait wait... I died less than an hour ago, how did they plan my wake so fast?
Botan: They posted your death on youtube. ^_^
Yusuke: ...right. That it'd do it. 7_7;

XD not too far from the original scene, but the ending kicks ass.


*Yusuke and Botan enter Koenma's castle*
Yusuke: Whoa... its so slimy, dark and deep it looks like it goes on forever...
Botan: Yes. Its just like looking up Paris Hilton's skirt. :D
Yusuke: ...o_o... Bu-zing!
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陽炎 - Kagerou - Dragonfly
29 July 2007 @ 05:29 pm

YAY SASORI!!! *_* You're adorable! How awesome that he looks like Marui!
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陽炎 - Kagerou - Dragonfly
24 July 2007 @ 01:34 am
So Jen was telling me it was Sasuke's birthday, and she said she was ignoring anime stuff and didn't... oh nevermind *lazy*. This is what happens when muses don't see each other for a while. :D

Shikamaru: *smacks Sasuke over the back* Happy Birthday old fart.
Sasuke: ...Hn. You're an hour and 16 minutes late. You must be senile.
Shikamaru: Or lazy.
Sasuke: Or an idiot.
Shikamaru: Think I'll stick with lazy, thanks. Go back to your walker party.
Sasuke: I'd prefer a cane, but I think it's already up your ass.
Shikamaru: Let me give it back to you then. Unless you can't handle the smell of shit... or maybe you're used to it. Being in diapers again and all.
Sasuke: I wasn't aware you used it to store things up there. Keep it if you're enjoying it that much. I'd hate for everything else inside to escape. Speaking of things trapped in your ass, I haven't seen Kakashi around lately.
Shikamaru: Well you haven't seen Kankuro, either. Maybe he's trapped up there with Kakashi? But where is your kid? Or did you eat him with all the other babies in town?
Sasuke: Admitting you have a problem is the first step to fixing it. I wouldn't be suggesting my eating children to cover up for the sheer amount of people your ass seems to be sucking in. I wouldn't be surprised if Konoha has a population shortage as a result. Aito is fine, by the way.
Shikamaru: Ahah. Apparently Its a black hole now, but glad your kid's fine.

*_* Thank you for almost making me choke with laughter, Jen! Your snark owns hard. ♥
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陽炎 - Kagerou - Dragonfly
07 July 2007 @ 02:03 pm
Note: I typed this out from a photo attached to a chapter of bleach on mangaone.com

Dear Manga Fan,

As I'm sure you're already well aware of - a site exists on the internet called www.narutofan.com. The owner (Tazmo) offers 2 programs that charge you a monthly fee to download manga and anime online.

Every week Tazmo will grab the latest manga from our websites or irc channels and post them on his subscription site without permission.

I am encouraging every current subscriber to cancel their payments to this unscrupulous opportunist. Tazmo is making a (likely very decent) living off of charging people for the hard work of the raw providers, translators, scanulators, and of course the original mangaka/publishers. This business venture is not only morally wrong, it is the illegal sale of copyright material that he possesses no rights to - an endeavor that will sooner or later raise the unwanted attention towards the community.

Most people paying for his fees are unaware they can quickly and easily get amost any decent series he offers without registration or payment off of websites like:

-Add-free forum, the best site to get & discuss the latest manga raws, translations & scanulations.

-Dozens of series are available for online viewing. Only a couple non-intrusive banner adds.

-links to pretty much every manga release.

-another up and coming online viewer with a great selection.

Or of course the website/irc channel of the scanulator.

Others are under the illusion that they are "supporting" narutofan.com since he "only charges what's necessary to maintain the site" (according to him) and if they didn't send in these "donations" or keep their subscriptions, it would be bad for the naruto community. Let me tell you this - if narutofan.com disappeared tomorrow it wouldn't even cause a tiny rift. People would enjoy discussing their favorite series will find other, better websites. The release times/availability of manga and anime would be completely 100% unaffected.

If you're one of the many people who pay him monthly, please stop supporting this criminal for the betterment of the community.

The vast majority of those responsible for bringing you manga & anime.

I never knew Tazmo did that stuff. o_o I'm gonna stop going to his websites, hopefully anyone else who read that will too. I'd personally rather be able to find my anime fix without some fucking government jackass breathing down my neck all because some jerk-off wanted to make a quick buck by selling what wasn't his in the first place.
陽炎 - Kagerou - Dragonfly
01 July 2007 @ 03:09 am
I was put into tears by this clip. Tears of laughter!

陽炎 - Kagerou - Dragonfly
10 June 2007 @ 08:13 pm
We all know how "w4e8[ihyk4rfiokf8ohjg *____________* MUSIC!!!!!!" anyone can get, so what I want everyone to do for me is post an awesome or interesting song as a comment back to me. This entry will remain public for whatever person crosses this journal to do the same thing. It can be any genera you want (although please try to stay away from rap/hiphop unless its not in english, actually good, or meat to be funny). It can be from any country, or can also be a local band if its on youtube. :D

So, I'll go first. I've got these:

Azis i Desislava - Kazvash che me obichash. Russian singer with an awesome sound. Video's kinda weird, but still good.

Dong Bang Shin Ki - My Destiny. Korean pop band, beautiful voices and even better dancing.

Dao Lang - chong dong de chen fa. Chinese rock ballad. Beautiful

One rule to this: Don't imbed the ones in reply. Simply link to it.
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